Music was accomplished some years ago when I got my hands on Cubase music programme and spent some time learning to use it.  I'm no musician and it shows, but neverthless completed one or two pieces that I think have some merit.  My intention is that a small selection will appear below, for your listening pleasure.  Or not, as the case may be.


Here's one of the little suckers right now.  More to come.  Click on th' button to download and listen.



Think you want to hear me sing?  Be careful what you wish for.



Encouraged by a complementary reference to the above track, here's another couple...






I'll spare you any more of the vocals.  This one's a (virtual) instrumental piece.  Built to soothe, the harp-like interlude towards the end was created on a freely downloaded app called 'mouse muso'.  It was great fun to use, though tended to get out of control when the 'sustain' button was on, as it was permanent and applied to every additional sound you created until it built up into a horrible cacophony.  Doesn't seem to work any more.  I blame the updates.  



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