Late May 2018 Update


I am a tad shamed by my apparent inability to keep this website updated with any regularity.  But only a tad 'cause, sod it, I've seen a fair few websites a good deal more out of date than this one.  And there are times when as a writer I'd rather prioritise writing than all this online kerfuffle.  There's a novel on the way, doncha know...


Anyway, here's what's happening....


Shaftesbury Fringe Festival 2018

















I performed to a small but select audience at the Shaftesbury Fringe Festival.  No photos this year, unless any come up on the Fringe website, but it went well.  From WMs I read 'Eyewash' and 'Jonathan & the Extraordinary Drawer', plus a couple of shorter, more recently written pieces.  Here's a link to an interview on Soundcloud, prior to the event:





Or paste this link in your browser:


'Tears in the Fence Festival' September 2018













I'll be back at the Tears in the Fence fest this year, and it promises to be a good one, judging by the line up of readers on the flyer above.  Stourpaine is a delightful little Dorset village just north of  Blandford Forum, so there's a kind of idyllic atmosphere around the whole event, especially if the weather's good.  I'll be there selling books and doing one or two floor spots.


And check out the latest issue of the magazine in which I've reviewed not only Alan Moore's 'Jerusalem', but also the complete short stories of Leonora Carrington.  




























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