July 2020 Update


Since early March, my partner and I have been 'sheltering', so - unsurprisingly - this year I have no public appearences to announce.  But there is some activity worth mentioning, so here goes...


New Novel 


This I have been working on, in between other projects and having a life, since 2016.  I have now almost completed a second draft and I am waiting for two kind people who have volunteered to read through it to give me feedback on the last few chapters.  This will inevitably lead to some further revisions, and then I can say the second draft is complete.  At this point I will write a synopsis and go off in search of publishers.  Since the novel just about fits into the fantasy genre and there are a number of publishers who seek agentless submissions for fantasy/s.f./slipstream, I'll be submitting to the ones that look most likely.  This could take some time, since their 'slush-piles' tend to be deep and some demand exclusive submissions.  So don't hold your breath just yet.


Which is a shame since I'd love to describe it and post extracts etc. on this website.  But, as - if anyone takes it - I'll have to accept editorial input that may result in substantial alterations, I can't regard this draft as sufficiently finished to start self-publicising.  I very much hope that if you've read and enjoyed 'Wilful Misunderstandings' you'll find this an equally absorbing read - though it will be on the darker and more serious side than many of my short stories.


Any developments and rest assured I'll be posting here.


'The House Where Jack Dwelt'


This story finally appeared in issue 49 of Irish sf/fantasy magazine Albedo One.  Copies can be obtained online via:




























I have been contributing readings during lockdown to a couple of podcasts.  About a dozen of my poems have appeared on the daily one from Shaftesbury's 'This is Alfred'. which can be found at:


It's been going since lockdown began so there are a lot of daily podcasts to go through, so in the course of updating this website I have posted direct download links to some of the MP3s on the 'Wilful Misunderstandings' page (below the video links). In the meantime - scroll through them.  My contributions get mentioned in the descriptions... sometimes!


You can also check out a more recent short story, 'Dodgy Reg' on the Shaftesbury Arts Centre website.  Go to: .  More to come over the next few weeks.


'Swamp Thing'


I almost forgot...  Earlier this year DC Comics published an anthology of Nancy Collins' 'Swamp Thing' stories.  It was during Nancy's run on the title, back in the Vertigo days, that my three Swamp Thing stories appeared and I'm told that all of them appear in the book.  It's a hefty and somewhat expensive tome (I'm still waiting for my complimentary copy, DC, hem hem), available from all the usual outlets.























International Times


Additional late news (11-7), the International Times website has posted my satirical short story 'What You Wish For' - along with one of my graphics from this website.  I'll add a link to it below.  I'm chuffed to find myself amongst a range of writers for whom I have great respect (Maria Stadnicka, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Andrew Darlington, Mandy Pannet, Simon Collings, Benjamin Zephaniah and more), along with a good many I've not yet heard of, but whose work I look forward to sampling.  So when you're done with looking at my piece, have a browse through the rest.  It's great to see that familiar logo, still contemporary after all these years.


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